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Pathani Girl Music Video Shoot on Horse

Pathani Girl Music Video Shoot on Horse
گھوڑے پر بٹھا کر جب پٹھان لڑکی سے گانا شوٹ کرایا گیا تو لڑکی کی کیا حالت ہوئی ؟؟

You will see what looks like old-time footage. Those scenes are representing another time. My husband is the cowboy in this video. His character realizes that getting drunk on booze is not the lifestyle he wants to live any longer. The farrier hands him a bible, which represents him coming to know God and wanting to turn his life around.

Pathani Girl Music Video Shoot on Horse

I am blessed to be working again with JC Films (a Christian film company) on the movie Nail 32 (working name). In that movie, my character’s dad struggles with being a Cowboy and Christian at the same time. This is something I can relate to as a musician. It’s a constant battle with temptations and worldly things.

I too, even laid down my music career a few times until God said to pick it back up again. I hope the music video and movie inspire you and hit a chord that makes a real life turn around for some people who are on the fence or just straight up struggling in life. Keep up with the progress of the movie here:

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