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Parents Who Send There Child in school earlier Age

Parents Who Send There Child in school earlier Age

Boarding schools are wonderful places for students to grow. They start as early is middle school – a junior boarding school. Some school even offer a PG or a post graduate program which is a one year transition program for new high school graduates before they enter college.


Often parents do not send their kids to boarding school, but it is their kids who choose to go to boarding school. The biggest reason that kids chose to go to boarding school is because their current school can not offer them the best academic match. Either, there is not a competitive enough program for a student to take advantage of or stretch in. For instance, there are not enough AP courses offered or not enough languages taught or not a large selection of upper class electives. On the other side, there may be a student with learning differences who can not be supported in their current school due to a large size classroom or programmatic restrictions.

At the heart of it, kids are heading to boarding school because it provides strong academic and social skills that prepare students for college and the world after. Boarding school teachers spend twice as much time with their students than teachers in public school or even private day schools.

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