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Palestinian child killed badly by Israeli soldier

Palestinian child killed badly by Israeli soldier
اسرئیلی کتوں کے ظلم کی انتہا؛ ۔۔۔ کمزور دل نہ دیکھیں

One of Israeli soldiers scuffles with Palestinian child when child was passing nearby him. He abruptly gripped him and started to brawl him badly. He was not alone as there were also about 7-8 people including females with that child. All asked him as why he is scuffling with him who was very younger than him.

Palestinian child killed badly by Israeli soldier

He was not hearing to anyone and was trying to hurt him. Little child was weeping and crying loudly but he was not leaving him. Palestinian child also had broken one of his arms that also had plaster on his arm. There were also some females who were also forcing him to leave but he was not accepting to leave him. He was complaining as he had thrown some stones at him due to which he was annoyed on him.

When it was asked to boy as he did anything else with that Israeli force, he denied completely. On the other hand, all scenes were also recorded by one of large media group which continuously covered all breaking news from Palestine. The video got viral in the whole world and it also gave proof as why Israeli troops are making tyrant activities against innocent children of Palestine.

The way through which Israeli soldier was scuffling little child also against international law due to which this video got viral. People who live in European countries they also started to scold Israeli soldier on his shameful deed with little child. People were also started to speak in the right of that little child.

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