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Pakistani compelled employee living at Saudi Arabia

Pakistani compelled employee living at Saudi Arabia
استغفراللہ! سعودی عرب کی زندگی،اس زندگی سے تو موت اچھا ہے، ظالم حکمرانوں الله کو قیامت کی دن کیا جواب دوگے، یا الله تمام مسافروں کے مدد کرنا

Pakistani workers are being misbehaved in Saudi Arabia from last few months. They are demanding for their jobs as per agreement but they are still asked for wait. According to employees as their masters have got work from them and are not paying their salaries for last 5-7 months. There are also some employees present who could not get their salaries for last 1 year unfortunately.

Pakistani compelled employee living at Saudi Arabia



When it talks about the diplomatic relation with Saudi Arabia, undoubtedly it is presented at first position. However, when it talks about the Pakistanis who are working in Saudi Arab they are being neglected by Saudi government as well. Talking about consulate of Pakistan, they are also in this effort to develop some relation with all those masters who have released visas to all Pakistanis.

According to Saudi government, they further have given intimation as people should not come in their country as they are also going to be indulged in war situation. The whole country is being captured by different militants groups: from one side they are competing with Yemenis and from other end they are struggling with Iraq unfortunately.

According to reporters, there are not only Pakistani people who are struggling for their jobs as well. According to them, there are also many other people who belong to different countries and still facing same problems. Some of them are even leaving Saudi Arabia without getting their money. They have started to leave and thought it better if they want to survive.

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