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Pakistani teacher beats students like animals

Pakistani teacher beats students like animals
یہ استاد کیسے بچے اور بچیوں کو مار رہا ہے، اس کو تو روڈ پر لیٹا کر اس ہی طرح مارنا چاہئے؛ ویڈیو دیکھیں

Teacher mistreats with students like animals when he finds them busy in mischief. He called to all students and asked them to stand in a row. He was busy to read newspaper and asked them to stand in fully shiny day. They were all stood there without asking any question. After getting free from reading newspaper, he moves towards them having a big stick in his hand.

Pakistani teacher beats students like animals

He did not ask to anyone about their mistakes and started to hurt them all in same manner. There were also some females in that group who were also being hurt by that stupid man. He was hurting them all brutally and no one was asking him not to do it. He was also hurting to female students with same styles.

Actually it was the style in Pakistan before getting charge by Musharraf, when he came he changed this style to beat students. He gave orders not to beat student in all educational institutions especially in government institutions. In this way, students got some relief otherwise they all were being slaughtered by some cruel teachers.

Actually the same style was also practiced in all Western Countries but they left it and changed it into polite one. They introduced new ways of teaching to world due to which they got more positive consequences from their students. According to them, students produce better results if they are not oppressed and also grow positively. If teacher would start to hurt them they would start lack of confidence as well.

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