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Pakistani Politician Paid Aishwarya Rai For One Night

Pakistani Politician Paid Aishwarya Rai For One Night

Aishwarya Rai has been hired on a very great deal of money by a Pakistani politician for a night party in Islamabad. The news was told by Dr. Shahid Masood, which went viral in showbiz world. After the political critics of Bollywood heroin ten million rupees was paid to spend the night at a very important and sensitive point the government in Pakistan.

Pakistani Politician Paid Aishwarya Rai For One Night

Without the name of Pakistani politicians or Ashwarya Rai, political critics the whole story told in detail about the party with the Bollywood star. He said many other leaders like to have time with showbiz celebrities. They spend millions to arrange special meetings with them and parties for them.

Dr. Shahid Masood from showbiz world talking about the party banned by the Pakistani politician with Ashwarya Rai. At that time he had only said that a Bollywood top heroine was invited by a top government official. This led to a permanent prohibition of it for any kind of appearance of the TV. The ban was then suspended after the change of government. After the feast of the story about Ashwarya Rai, the scandal has been addressed in showbiz in Pakistan and India. The media is also gavial different types of messages Pakistani politicians who affair with Bollywood actress. Some have also said that there are only fake news, but nothing else.

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The Bollywood star is married to a very famous family of industry showbiz in India. The family of the actress does not take any serious notice of the news about the Pakistani politician and the actress. Ashwarya Rai also remained silent on the matter, and the news is still a mystery for all stays.

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