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Pakistani Pilot Amazing Stunts secret skills

Pakistani Pilot Amazing Stunts secret skills

Pakistani Pilot Amazing Stunts secret skills

A Pakistani pilot showed amazing stunts on aircraft in Dubai Airshow and flew it just few feet above from the ground. The pilot got his chance to prove him in the competition after very long time and when the opportunity came, he grabbed it successfully. No other person could do what he had done on the runway during competition. The aircraft which pilot used in the Dubai airshow was one of the best ones provided by the aviation authorities. No other competitor in the competition thought that he could do such amazing and stunning stunts. They underestimated the pilot from the beginning and when they witnessed him flying the aircraft, they had no other choice but to appreciate him. During the test flight before the opening of the Dubai Airshow.

The Pakistani pilot did not unveil his secret skills and kept it secret until the final show. The other pilots belonging to different countries and regions did very well in the competition and amused the audience and judges a lot. However, the last one was incredible and proved it on his turn. Dubai Airshow is considered as one of the finest shows for the pilots of different countries to judge their flying skills on different aircrafts.

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Every year, hundreds of pilots participate in the competition representing their countries and show their stunning skills to the world. Since two years, the pilots of Pakistan Air Force has been participating in the competition and winning it quite comfortable. With the collaboration of aviation authorities, the pilots are provided the best aircrafts for Dubai Airshow. However, there is no restriction for pilot to fly its own aircraft manufactured in his own country. So, the Pakistani pilot choose JF-17 Thunder to show his flying skills during the competition and did wonders during his turn.

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  1. its fake . he is flying a toy with remote control .hahaha

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