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Pakistani Morning shows for dancing and remarriage ceremonies

Pakistani Morning shows for dancing and remarriage ceremonies

A majority of these morning shows can’t be watched for more than a minute. All the hosts have becoming irritating beyond belief. Morning shows have forgotten and lost their value to educate & disseminate information to their target audience; focussing instead on ‘entertainment’ that is mostly for the brain dead. There is hardly a display of intelligence to be seen or heard. The hosts as well as the shows’ contents are truly intolerable.
The morning shows that were worth watching are no longer around such as ‘Kiran Aur George’ & the one that Ayesha Omar did last year. Having said this, I think Juggan is doing a reasonable job with her morning show.

Pakistani Morning shows for dancing and remarriage ceremonies

Finally sombody realized this terrible need to speak on these disgusting so called entertainment shows….they dont have any difference or uniqueness , same thing on all 365days of a year, on a normal day or on an independence day or on eid ….alwayS dancing!!! What is this !??? Dont they have any skill or real talent to get rating except through dancing??!! They just imitate eachother, copy ,on vulnerable bogus script.For Gods sake! All channel’owners Wake up!!! Give us something like we had in past…anwar maqsood , bushra insari and moin akhtar…these people had actual humour! Please show new generation something like that instead of cheap jokes and poor dancing giving eyesores!

Whether its money or fame, the fact is that our media has sold itself to the Indian culture and keep showing this as our own culture. Our culture is always and will remain different from India. They are committed to making us change and show ourselves as Indians rather than adopt to our own Pakistani Culture. There was a time when our dramas, even sometimes today, used to be admired upon Indians and they used to be in awe about our stories and acting styles (which was truly our Pakistani Culture). Today there is absolutely no difference between our shows and Indians. The media always says its the AWAM who wants to see this. I am sure they call themselves in the show to increase popularity and give ‘evidence’ that the AWAM likes it…. BUT WE HATE IT

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Usually while watching the idiot box, I flip through channels and dwell upon a few for news, views and trends before continuing with my flipping exercise again. Recently, however, I had the misfortune of stumbling upon the repeat telecast of certain morning show programmes. The shows were so horrific in nature that I wished my TV remote had the capacity to erase the debacle taking place on my television screen.

The scene began with a female host, who jumped on the sofa from the kitchen counter behind, did a jumping jack act and finally sat down, all the while grinning, laughing loud and clapping in a frenzy. She then dashed to the middle of the stage to join in the hip hop happening, which was truly a sight to behold! Everyone on stage had their hips moving and hands dangling in the air to the beat of an Indian song.

The performers were continuously arranging their hair, and rearranging the folds of their gorgeous, glittering designer dresses and pushing right and left to catch the best frame shot. To add more fun and steam, young boys and girls were called in to join in the dancing and the show ended just as it began – with a lot of waving and yelling and jumping for attention.

Pakistani Morning shows for dancing and remarriage ceremonies

This was perhaps the third show in a row where the guest list was more or less the same and I felt like I was watching the same programme during the three hour duration with different hosts. Cross-talk, back-slaps, shrieks and screams by the host and her guests was the norm of the show. The guests were running around and across from one seat to another, meaninglessly rattling, and causing a total cacophony on precious air time. The endless mehndi and other ceremonies for unmarried stars were an anomaly of its own, and when they ran out of these idiosyncratic ideas, they began planning the remarriage ceremonies of already married actors!

The best Morning show EVER was when Chacha ji (Mustansir Hussain Tarrar) used to do it along with Quratulain Haider. After that Nadia Khan initially used to do very good shows with very informative guests before she starting teaching belly dancing on her show. Now they have become a huge irritation due to the hosts you have mentioned.

Another thing I fail to understand is what is the point of showing all wedding festivities in the morning?!….who on earth is in the mood to watch something like that in the morning when they have to get ready for work…or women at home have to do household chores. I think the majority viewership of these shows is the housewives, therefore their show should focus on entertaining and educating them on household tips, child psychology, financial management, cost effective solutions, etc

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