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Pakistani Boys Motorbike Stunts Boy Died

Pakistani Boys Motorbike Stunts Boy Died
جب گندی اولاد ایسے کام کرے گی تو۔۔ اللہ ایسی موت سے بچائے، ہولناک ویڈیوکمزور دل نہ دیکھیں
European citizens amazed to see motorbike performance from Pakistani youngsters. They were really surprised when they saw the whole video on internet portals. They were also suggested some precautionary measurement to save them from any injury while performing such stunts.


According to European citizens, they also have such talent in their countries but they never let them to be wasted but they provide them amazing platform in European countries. They never discouraged to all those youngsters who have such kinds of guts in themselves. They further leave comment on their walls to join special groups in Pakistan.

After watching the whole video, European people were also amazed as they have no any safeguard around their bodies unfortunately. According to them, their European government never allowed to their citizens to perform such kinds of stunts without having safeguards on their bodies. They further advised them to get some safeguard when they performed such kinds of performances.

They also shared with those guys who were performing that performance on motorbike as they must have joined some special stunt group so that they can flourish their abilities in this matter. They also showed some examples of European people who had abilities for this and they joined groups and earned their names in this field.

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