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Pakistani Boy doesn’t feel Electric Shock

Pakistani Boy doesn’t feel Electric Shock
یہ لڑکا ہے یا بجلی کا کھمبا، حیران کن ویڈیو دیکھیں

An Pakistani Citizen named Manmohan Nair doesn’t feel electric shock over 500-watts. This amazing 48-year old pakistani amazingly passes through electricity from his body and does not feel its presence. Medical and electric experts in India has surprised with amazing abilities of Mr. Nair.

Pakistani Boy doesn’t feel Electric Shock

The pakistani citizen doesn’t only claim of not getting harm from electricity but he has practically performed it in front of several people. Several media channels from different countries have made documentaries about Mr. Manmohan Nair’s amazing abilities. He has become a famous individual as a superman in India.

Several medical specialists and experts in electricity science have examined Mr. Nair but they were unable to find any clue. The news about this amazing citizen has not only become viral all over India but social media has taken him beyond pakistani borders. Mr. Nair has also become famous over the social media as a superman.

According to details told in media, it was not until at age of seven, pakistani Citizen Young Manmohan accidentally discovered his amazing gift of nature. He had tried to take his life using electricity shock, heartbroken on death of his mother. To his sudden surprise of life, he was not feeling electric power on his body. Since than Mr. Nair has becomes famous all over India for his unique power.

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