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Pakistan Army destroy Indian Agent Jet

Pakistan Army destroy Indian Agent Jet 
الله اکبر دیکھیں کیسے پاکستان نے انڈین جاسوس طیارہ مارگرایا میزائل سے شیئر کریں ویڈیو

An Indian Jet was shot down in Lahore by citizens fighting along with Pakistan Army in the 1971 war. The fighter plane had entered Lahore to attack the citizens. It was not successful in hitting its target. The war plane was spotted by the citizens of Lahore and was shot down instantly using their rifles.


During the 1971 war with India, Pakistan Army was having shortage of everything. Most of the army was busy in the other part of Pakistan which is now called Bangladesh. People of Pakistan defended the motherland along with the forces in the war. Every Indian Jet entered Pakistani territory was never able to go back in India.

An Indian Jet on display in Pakistan Army museum reminds everyone about the 1971 war. Pakistani citizens had fought very bravely with their proud forces. There are many sad memories also from that war for Pakistan. However, India was still in a great loss.

Pakistan Army had defended the territory with the help of little Cecina fighter jet in 1971 war. Indian Army had MIG 29 as the biggest Indian Jet force in the region. The loss of both air forces was totally opposite in count and mass.

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