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PAF landing jets style on motorway Amazing

PAF landing jets style on motorway Amazing
 پاکستان ائیر فورس کا موٹر وے پر زبردست کارنامہ، انڈیا کی نیندیں حرام، زبردست ویڈیو دیکھیں

Pakistan Air force shows its competency while landing its jets on motorway. According to Air Chief Marshal, it is not less than milestone as there are only few countries in this world which can use this facility in their countries. He further told to media as it would also be included in the runways of Pakistan Air Force during time of emergency.


He further told to media as it was also in mind during the construction of motorway as they would use it as runway of their Pakistan Air Force jets. Everyone was very happy after seeing their jets landing on motorway successfully. They were also congratulating to each other when they got successful in this mission.

Pakistani jets have started to land on motorway and they also have started to use it like jets’ runway. According to information, the step was taken after seeing confrontation between Pakistan and India. Indian government also has sent some intimation of was to Pakistan due to which Pakistan government has taken this step.

Pakistani Air Force also has done it before and took some exercise to make it possible if they felt need to use motorway as runway of their jets. At that time, they were also succeeded and they did not face any difficulty during landing of their jets on motorway.

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