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Orlando night club firing Incident in USA

Orlando night club firing Incident in USA

امریکی کلب میں فائرنگ کی مکمل موبائل ویڈیو دیکھیں

لڑکی سمجھ رہی تھی کہ مذاق چل رہا ہے، وہ ویڈیو بناتی رہی جب تک قاتل نے اسے نہ گولیاں ماردی؛ کمزور دل نے دیکھیں

The tragic incident at a night club in Orlando has left public sad all over America. There has been a lot of public concern over the security issues have started as well. But overall it has been a concern of public behavior and many other things as well. Many people are also thinking that the violence all over the world has been increasing in last couple of years. There has been many things involved in this regard.

Orlando night club firing Incident in USA

After the incident, security has tightened all over America and authorities have become very strict in these issues. The Orlando incident was an Eye opener for the authorities as well.  When it talks about the Eunuchs in Pakistan, it seems as some incomplete story has been started leaving everybody astonished. It was the first day of her at internship when Doctor Saima met with one of eunuchs.

Doctor Saima was the project manager of the rehabilitation program of Khawaja Sara. She came with eunuch in fountain house for her rehabilitation. Here she became little confused after seeing one indistinguishable figure when she came inside through narrow wooden doors in Fountain House. She also introduced to me in front of that figure as Firdos.

It was very easy to understand the terse atmosphere of her room when she was seen with her jovial arm movements on melodious humming. After a brief introduction, she left the room with her entire team leaving eunuch there. According to one of eunuchs as it was understood by him/her as it was definitely endless pit of grief rather than previous jovial exterior.

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