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Operation Blue Tulsi on-going operation of Mossad-RAW

Operation Blue Tulsi on-going operation of Mossad-RAW

Operation Blue Tulsi on-going operation of Mossad-RAW
Operation Blue Tulsi on-going operation of Mossad-RAW

Operation Blue Tulsi is the name given to the on-going operation of Mossad-RAW with the aim of ultimately destroying Pakistan’s nuclear assets followed by its Balkanization.
In this operation they use the technique of 4th generation warfare, by attacking the country on multiple low-intensity battlefronts, most important of those all battle grounds is the ideological battlefront in which they try to destroy our ideology and imposing theirs through the electronic media by inducing their movies, songs and saas bahoo soaps into our country and making our channels spread them as if they are the most important.

The operation is carried out via:

Resurrect Baloch insurgency. Pakistan was fine with it, as it had thirty years of experience with it, starting with the Afghan-Soviet War.
Buy officials in military, bureaucracy, politics and law. ISI was fine with it, as it had sixty years of experience in dealing with traitors.
Plant agents in top positions in Taliban, FATA and NWFP. A shocker for everyone.

For the purpose of achieving the aim the operation has:

Friendly political government. Asif Ali Zardari in place, Nawaz Shareef in Punjab, Aslam Raisani in Balochistan (though first choice Akbar Bugti unfortunately dead, MQM’s omnipresence in Sindh, Fazlur Rehman and ANP in NWFP)
Friendly judiciary. Iftikhar Chaudhry, Munir A. Malik, Aitzaz Ahsan
Friendly secretaries. ??
Friendly Civil Society. Ansar Burney, Asma Jehangir, Parvez yahoodbhai, farzana bari, marvi sermid and more particularly SAFMA.
Friendly Retired Army servants, It was revealed that some retired officers were caught working for blackwater and they were hunted down successfully by ISI, similarly the GHQ attack and PNS Mehran attack were also carried out with the help of retired of runaway servicemen.
Unrest in NWFP and immediate threat of Taliban taking control of Islamabad. Back in 2002 US had agreed with India that if ever Pakistan seemed to destabilize or falling into the hands of extremists, it would help India in destroying Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities. The situation they agreed upon is well defined by the Pakistani media’s current theme song of “Taliban are coming to Islamabad”

Currently, the military is fighting the battle with Baitullah Mehsud’s forces, reputed to be supported by Mossad and RAW to contain the destabilization effects of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan.
September 2009
The arrested commanders of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan confess that secret departments of India, including RAW, and Afghanistan have been providing them weapons and funds to fight against the Pakistan Army. The submitted to high officials by a joint investigation team on 19 September 2009 said that 23 most wanted militant commanders including Sim Khan, Mahmood Khan and Maulvi Umer who were captured during operation Rah-e-Rast have confessed that they had been provided financial aid, weapons and special training by secret agencies from India and Afghanistan to fight against Pakistan’s security forces.1
October 2009
Pakistan’s interior minister Rehman Malik not only claimed on 26 October 2009 that India was funding the Taliban fighters who were wreaking havoc in Pakistan, but also added he was ready to confront the Indian government with the evidence.2
Pakistan captures two Indian spies operating in Pakistan; Rabi Gopal and Giyan Chandar
The JEW TV is a very important part of this operation, and our enemies have acheived some very big goals with this satanic network , as we have already exposed them in past, with their rhetoric of Aman ka Tamasha , they are brainwashing the innocent Pakistanis with their stupid logics,
It played a vital role in spreading the propaganda of the 26/11, and tried to prove that it was carried out by some Pakistaniis. But this move was caught red-handedly, Now you will always see JEW TV promoting the Indian content in all the headlines and a lot of time is given to it. According to law, they can only air foreign content for about 1.5 hours, but you can see how openly they are violating the law!
On the other hand the other channels are also following JEW TV’s footsteps and spreading secularism with the help of the fifth columnists and their newspapers and website showing nudity and obscenty openly.

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