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Open Fire on Muslims Killed in Mehfil-e-Naat Attack

Open Fire on Muslims Killed in Mehfil-e-Naat Attack

In a sad incident, two fighters several people killed in Mehfil e Naat. The perpetrators were their faces covered in fog and kill by many people to flee. The event by a famous personality who had a lot of people invited to the event, performed. The organizer rejected claims of possible dangers to obtain before the incident.

Open Fire on Muslims Killed in Mehfil-e-Naat Attack

“Mehfil e Naat was continued when two armed men entered the hall and began aimlessly burning. You tried to kill anyone, and fled immediately after killing many people,” said one participant. “The killings were wear white dresses and their faces were hidden in the veil. They did not talk to anybody and so met many people as they could,” he added.

After the sad incident, Rangers and police tightened security in other Mehfils and to any destructive activity prevent in use. The police launched a search operation to arrest the killings and asked the people to remain calm. The bodies were moved to the nearby hospital, where their weeping families reached. “Three bodies were transported to the hospital, while three others to wounds in hospital scummed” said the doctor. “Three people were injured and hospitalized. Her condition is critical, and the doctors are trying their lives” to rescue, he added.

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Government officials and high-ranking politicians condemned the incident and demanded a quick operation to arrest the actual perpetrators. Police officers in different areas to arrest the culprits and several evidence invaded claim as well.

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