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Noor bukhari Bold Scene With final Husband in Pakistani Movie

Noor bukhari Bold Scene With final Husband in Pakistani Movie
نئی فلم میں نور کا اپنے چوتھے شوہر کیساتھ ایسا سین جس پر سوشل میڈیا نے تنقید کے تیر چلا دئیے

Pakistani industry is overwhelming with talent. Time to time it has produced talents like Shaan, Saima. Noor, Ali Zafar, Atif aslam and the list goes on. Our focus in this article will also be, on one of these talents namely Noor.


Noor was born on 3rd July  1982 in Lahore  Punjab.This Pakistani actress and model joined the media industry at a very young age and was considered to be among the one’s who had inherent talent. Some of her childhood work includes Uroosa, Jannat, Pyaar kiya toh nai darna and many more.

Even when she was a child she had worked with Superstars of that, and to the present time such as Remma, Resham ,Meera , Babra, Maira Wasti Sana, and Iman Ali. As an adult Noor’s first movie was Mujhy Chand Chaachiye featuring Shaan as the male main lead and Noor herself as the female main lead was released in the year 2000. And from there onward her journey of success begin,and after that she did one after an other Punjabi or Urdu film, some of which were blockbusters.

At the peak of her career Noor, Top model and actress, took a break due to some personal reasons and joined back industry in 2001 with the film Zill-e-Shah alongside with Shaan and Saima. Noor connection to media is not only limited to herself but her family member are also a part of film, and Television industry. Her sister Faaria Bukhari is also a Pakistani actress who joined media after getting separated from spouse. Sana nawaz is also Noor’s anty. And her second husband was a director and producer.

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