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Noor and Sana Nawaz Live Dance Viral Video

Noor and Sana Nawaz Live Dance Viral Video
نیلم منیر کے بعد نور اور ثنا نواز کی ڈانس کی ویڈیو لیک، دیکھئے کس گانے پر ڈانس کر رہیں ہیں ؟؟

In a realm of flicks the place narratives make feel, cinematography remains best-notch, and appearing prowess speaks tenfold, you’ll expect only the most productive of Pakistani cinema to make it to cinemas. Call it being spoilt for choice, however with such an array of spectacular movies available, may you expect to go for the bottom not unusual denominator?

That’s exactly how one feels after gazing Noor Bukhari’s contemporary project, Ishq Positive. Directed by way of Bukhari, written by means of Suraj Baba, and produced via Shazia Hussain and Kashif Latif underneath the manufacturing banner of KSL Productions, the movie can simplest be defined as a rehash of antique Lollywood and similarly flop Bollywood motion pictures, reminding you why such cinema failed on the first place.

In easy words, the film most effective acts as a vessel to promote failed clichés, gaudy item songs, and pointless humour to be able to salvage a sinking ship. Speak about unhealthy possible choices! Revolving across the bubbly-but-sly Rajjo (Noor Bukhari) and Wali (Wali Hamid Ali Khan), the movie takes its audience on a adventure of friendship, love, and heartbreak in the lush valleys of Pakistan, the place after all, issues predictably have to go awry. Ending up in a love triangle of epic proportions among the protagonists and the movie’s primary ‘old-college’ villain, performed via Saud, the film is an amalgamation of tacky dialogues and lackluster storytelling that ended up causing more damage than good.

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