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Nine Bollywood Actresses Struggle Time And Future

Nine Bollywood Actresses Struggle Time And Future
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Deepika Padukone

Nine Bollywood Actresses Struggle Time And Future

In interviews, the former model talks about the glaring pay disparities between male and female stars, and last year, she made headlines when she called out the Times of India after the newspaper published a video clip, clearly trained on Padukone’s decolletage, for blatantly objectifying her.

But this was the first time Padukone has discussed her own trials in such detail. Padukone said that saw a psychologist who treated her depression with therapy and anti-depressants, though initially she resisted pharmacological treatment. After “Happy New Year” wrapped, she took a two-month break before starting work on her next film, only to learn that a friend suffering from anxiety and depression committed suicide. Padukone said that’s what spurred her to speak publicly. India, in addition to being the world’s most populous country, has the highest number of suicides. A recent New York Times editorial painted a picture of a mental health crisis, especially among Indian youth, who have the highest suicide rate in the world.

Vidhya Balan

Sonakshi Sinha



Priyanka Chopra


Freida Pinto

Alia Bhatt



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