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Nida Pehalwan First Pakistani WWE female wrestler

Nida Pehalwan First Pakistani WWE female wrestler

پہلی پاکستانی خاتون wwe میں انگریز کو ایسا دھویا کہ مردوں کو چھڑوانے آنا پڑ گیا ویڈیو دیکھیں
Nida Pehalwan is a 21 year old female wrestler of Pakistani origin is looking forward to make his WWE debut. Currently, residing in Paris, France. If he is selected and goes through WWE Tough Enough, it will be the first time a Pakistani-born wrestler will step in a WWE ring. Watch the given video below.

Nida Pehalwan First Pakistani WWE female wrestler

Dressed in a shiny green and white costume, with a Pakistani flag printed on it, Khan made his debut in professional wrestling in 2012. Two years later, he was signed by Wrestling Stars (Catch WS) in France, Europe’s leading professional wrestling company and since then has been competing all over Europe. Baadshah Pehalwan Khan also competes along with his partner, the Tunisian Al Jihan as ‘The Muslim Connexion’.

Talking to a group of journalists, in Dolian, he said that his brother Fayyaz Ahmed and his family moved to Paris when Badshah was 10 years old. In Paris, he became interested in professional wrestling and began training to join WWE. “Although, he grew up in France, Nida  is Pakistani at heart. He dresses in the colours of the Pakistani flag,” said his uncle, Irshad Ahmed.

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  1. this is not a pakistani wresler, in the background you can see “” which is an Indian Wrestling Entertainment Academy.

    check the source and a bit of attention to the contents of videos before you post

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