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New Generation Young Girl Immoral Activity

New Generation Young Girl Immoral Activity
بچے نہ دیکھیں کنواری لڑکیاں کیا کام کروارہی ہیں الله کا آخری عذاب آنا ہی رہ گیا ہے باقی بس اب

A recent story of a young girl and boy was published in the news who informed their parents that we are getting together for the purpose of group study and later we will have to do work on the assignments but the couple was found doing kissing, hugging and doing oral sex in a garden after the publish of news parents committed suicide and later girl also. The boy was referred to psychologists for counseling.

Immoral activities of youth is a topic that need quite importance because all the immoral activities are now being done openly and proper invitations are being sent for the combine doing of evil deeds. The doer of bad deeds publicly are found saying that we do this to end our frustrations because no one listens to routine, no one listens with ease, no one listens the words of peaceful man.

All the problems of youth require first step of counseling or discussions because many problems are quite of a nature that they can be solved by just discussing them in such a way that no one instead of the suffering individual is made aware of this because there are many problems of youth which they want to solve privately and confidentially.

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