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Never Try to be Clever With Your Wife

Never Try to be Clever With Your Wife
بیویوں کیساتھ چالاکی کبھی آپ کے گلے بھی پڑ سکتی ہے، یہ مزاحیہ ویڈیو دیکھ کر آپ اپنی ہنسی روک نہیں پائیں گے

A very long time ago there lived in a far corner of China, in Sinkiang, a good and simple man named Fu-hsing, who had an unusually clever wife.


All the day long he would run to her with questions about thus-and-such, or about such-and-thus, as the case might fall out; and no matter how difficult the problem he took to her, she always thought of a solution. Thanks to her wondrous acumen, the house of Fu-hsing prospered mightily.

Fu-hsing was remarkably proud of his wife and often spoke of her as his “Incomparable Wisdom”, his “Matchless Wit”, or his “Dearest Capability.” He only wished that all who passed his house could know it was her cleverness had brought him such great prosperity. For months he puzzled his head over a suitable way of declaring his gratitude, and at last conceived of a couplet that delicately conveyed his feeling. He inscribed the lines on twin scrolls and posted them on the gate before his house:

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