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Neelum Munir hot Eid Show performance Video

Neelum Munir hot Eid Show performance Video

نیلم منیر کا عید کے دن ایسا رقص جس پر سوشل میڈیا پر شدید تنقید
A  Super Model in fashion industry was dancing unethically at a private party. The female model also belongs to a popular media channel.  She has also known as very senior and respectable personalities in the Pakistani showbiz industry. Her act has become huge shame for seniors in the industry.

Neelum Munir hot Eid Show performance Video

These days, fashion industry in Pakistan has become very much advanced. Every supermodel earns more than females working in other forms of showbiz. Since introduction of fashion brands in Pakistan the fashion industry has also flourished a lot. In past models had to go outside the country to find work. However, in present, even models are not able to full fill the needs of local media.

Every super model in the industry also works in the movies and drama industry. There are very few professional models who do not like to work in other fields of showbiz. Some leading brands in the country have also given the responsibility to particular male and female models to become their brand ambassador.

Any brand ambassador for any company takes the brand to entire world. Usually showbiz celebrities and sports personalities are given the responsibility of becoming the brand ambassador. However, some leading brands in the world have also started to give this responsibility to selected super model in their country as well. This opportunity has also increased the worth of modeling industry.

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