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Nawaz Sharif Another Wife and Children

Nawaz Sharif Another Wife and Children

Before you go to find out the news relevant Nawaz Sharif daughter scandal here you must know about Nawaz Sharif first. Well, it is hard to believe, any Pakistani particularly our reader living within Pakistan or outside Pakistan must not know or familiar with a man named Nawaz Sharif and his family. He is well known figure and considered to be steel tycoon and played a prominent role in Pakistan politics for the last three to four decades.

Presently he has been elected for becoming a third time Prime Minter of Pakistan; he did a lot of things during his tenure for the betterment of Pakistan as per his and his party believes which had always been a controversial and dispute in front of the others.

Muhammad Sharif was the head of the family; he had married with Kalsoom Nawaz Sharif, he had two sons namely, Nawaz Sharif was the elder one and Shahbaz Sharif was the younger one. Nawaz Sharif has two sons and two daughters. The elder son name is Hussain Nawaz married and settled down in Saudi Arabia and looking after the family business. The younger son Hassan Nawaz is settled down in London and running his family business from there. His daughter Maryam Nawaz is married with Capt R Safdar and younger daughter is married with the son of Senator Ishaq Dar.

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