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Natural & Homemade Treatment For Whitening Neck

Natural & Homemade Treatment For Whitening Neck

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Cucumber juice

Cucumber juice smoothes and glowing skin, removes the actual accumulated lifeless skin and provide a rejuvenating feeling to the skin. Apply grated cucumber or cucumber juice on the dark neck. Easy to polish the grated cucumber on your dark neck, and then rose splash water.

Potato liquid

Rub the current slice potato on dark skin on the neck; it is also a good home treatment method. Use spud juice or maybe grated spud or shredded potatoes around his neck.

Lemon juice

Mix lemon juice and rosewater same. Apply this mixture is specific to dark skin on the neck and turn at night every day. Make this happen every day, for the month possibly even to visible lightening remarkable results.
Aloe vera gel

This is a natural skin lightener that is not only fair skin with the help of many shades, but also reduced dim spots. Apply a layer style with pure aloe vera gel on the dark neck directly. Wash after fifteen minutes this with plain water.

Almond oil

Heat almond oil and massage your neck once in a very dark month for better circulation and light.


Use with orange peel is the best herbal treatment for dim neck. Mix the actual dried orange peel powdered ingredients with whole milk and use it on the actual neck position and later wash it with clean water.

Chickpea flour

Chickpea flour, an excellent laundry getting rid of lifeless skin, as well as exposing a kind of light and fresh skin. Turmeric helps in lightening the actual dark skin tone. Take some chickpea flour and pinch of turmeric mixed with water to the paste. Apply to dry this special paste on the dark neck and give it time for half an hour. Then rub it off with icy water.
Honey and tomatoes

Honey is a good moisturizer and tomatoes has acids got to help set the tone of the skin naturally. Mix honey and tomatoes and then apply to your neck. Let it work for 20 minutes. Then wash it with plain water. If you need faster results, you have to use it daily.


This is also a natural remedy for lightening the skin color. There are acid present in this food and can help in bleaching naturally. Yogurt also helps to wet the skin surface. You can apply this to the neck and leave for 20 minutes. Wash them in time and find the sound has to ease after a few weeks.

Baking powder

The baking soda is good for this purpose. Make a paste with a little water with the baking powder and apply on the neck area. Wash them after they dry. This cuts the sound of the neck will make it easier and cleanse the skin to.

Sandalwood powder

Sandalwood naturally calming effect in. This also helps in returning the lost luster of the skin. Use to make this powder into a paste with rose water. Use the paste as a pack and let the neck area to dry. Then rinse with water. You will see the results within a short period.

Mint leaves

These leaves are good cleansers and have healing properties. Make a mixture with water, neem leaves and a pinch of turmeric for better results. You need to cover your neck with this paste and leave it to dry. After 20 minutes you can from it clean.


This is a good scrub and can be used for peeling of the neck. You can mixed with honey, or you can mix them with milk cream. The oatmeal is mixed with some yogurt also to clean the neck for you. Leave the mixture for 20 minutes and then wash it off. Each combination is well rid of getting rid of the darkness of the neck.

Fruit mask

If you need to nourish the neck skin and brighten the tone, use the various fruit masks. You can use banana, avocado or orange for this purpose, or you can mix all three to form a package. Cover your neck with this mask and leave it for 30 minutes. If you want better results, you can add a little lemon juice on the package.

Try these remedies. You will notice there are different ingredients that you need. You can find out what is easier for you to use and which among them is most effective for you. Start with the pack at a regular interval, and you are sure to gain more confidence as you have with your back and neck.

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