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Natural Home Remedies for Height Gain, How to Increase Height Naturally After 21 Age

Natural Home Remedies for Height Gain, How to Increase Height Naturally After 21 Age

The individuals who are of normal or short height often wish they were taller. The height of a person determines to a great extent how he/she feels about self. Individuals with short stature, especially men, may be self-conscious about it and feel less confident.

Natural Home Remedies for Height Gain, How to Increase Height Naturally After 21 Age

An individual’s tallness is determined, all things considered, by hereditary qualities, yet it is not so much the main determinant. There is a hormone in the body known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that directs height. HGH is produced by the pituitary organ and is profoundly crucial for the development of long bones and ligament.

Often people think that they stop gaining height when they enter adulthood. But a person can gain a few inches of height even after turning 18. This can be achieved by incorporating some healthy habits into your lifestyle.

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Non Genetic Factors

1.    Inadequate nutrition, lack of physical activity, incorrect posture, Smoking during pregnancy
2.    Ineffective Prenatal and Post natal care
3.    Ill wellbeing during childhood and adolescence
4.    Low birth weight
5.    Mental state during childhood and adolescence

1. Black Sesame, Ashwagandha, Cow’s Butter, Date Palm  

1.    Take both ashwagandha powder and black sesame in equal portions and make a fine powder by grinding them.
2.    Sieve it and mix well.
3.    Add a tablespoon (5 grams) of this mixture inside 5 date palm fruits.
4.    Thereafter, consume them with 10 grams of cow’s milk.
5.    Use constantly at least 40 days to get results.

Note – Warm nature people don’t take excessive dose of ashwagandha, because it heats up the body internally. So, use it after consulting an ayurvedic specialist.

2. Milk and Dairy Products

Milk is rich in calcium, a critical mineral for bone development. Calcium in like manner goes about as a tallness promoter.

Other than calcium, milk has vitamin A and protein that are key for general change of the body, including tallness.

To increase your height by a few inches, drink at least 2-3 glasses of milk with 2-3 almonds daily. Also add dairy foods like cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream etc. Consumption of dairy products will improve your height growth.

3. Get Proper Sleep

When we take rest or sleep, our body develops and recovers tissues. Proper sleep and rest are completely extremely important in a developing body. It is believed that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is created characteristically amid the time when we have a sound, deep and moderate wave sleep. As a rule, developing youngsters and adolescents must have no less than 8 to 11 hours of proper sleep consistently with the goal that they can achieve their maximum height. One good advice is that you should take a warm bath before going to bed so that you have a sound sleep.

4. Balanced Diet & Super Foods

You can attempt various types of activities and yoga yet nothing is conceivable unless you take a complete balanced diet which provides for you the crucial supplements needed by the body for proper growth. Some key supplements useful for the physical development of your body are as per the following:

Natural Home Remedies for Height Gain, How to Increase Height Naturally After 21 Age


Consume a greater amount of dairy items and green vegetables. This aides in the improvement of bones.

Vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals

For a balanced diet, remember to incorporate milk, eggs, soybean, oats, fruits and vegetables in your routine.

Vitamin D and proteins

Boost growth hormones and aid in proper growth of teeth and bones. Devour more lean meat, cheese, legumes, tofu, eggs white.


Zinc consumption is good for youngsters as it prevents their stunted growth. Nourishments rich in zinc are chocolate, eggs, shellfish, asparagus, peanuts etc.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Attempt to drink adequate measures of water for the duration of the day. Water flushes out harmful substances from your body and enhances digestion. Additionally, it will enhance your digestion system rate, which will have an immediate effect on your height.

For general wellbeing, intake no less than eight glasses of water each day. Alongside drinking water, consume water-based fruits and vegetables like cantaloupe, Oranges, grapefruit, Raspberries, strawberries, cucumbers, watermelon, Spinach, Cabbage, Lettuce, Carrots, Celery.

6. Practice Good Posture
A good posture plays a key role in the development of your height. A decent posture is one where the head and neck are aligned without any indication of blending or slouching.

This sort of posture straightens out your spine, relaxes your muscles and aides enhance your height. Then again, a bad posture makes your spinal string curve, which thus suppresses your normal height.

In this way, make a point to sit straight on a seat and keep your shoulders straight and chin high. While you stand or walk, keep your body straight and tight.

7. Last but not least

1.    Avoid too much use of tea and coffee.
2.    Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Hopefully, these tips and home cures will help to increase your height.

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