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Mystery Mayan Temple Archeologists discovered

Mystery Mayan Temple Archeologists discovered
صدیوں پرانے اس مندر کے نیچے سے کیا چیز نکلی؟؟ دیکھ کر آپکے رونگٹے کحڑے ہو جائیں؛ ویڈیو دیکھیں

Archeologists find canal system under Mayan Temple which is located in Mexico. According to some people who have believe in Temple system, they also say as those canal system could be the gateway to afterlife. They also named it as civilization’s symbolic entrance to underworld. In the video you can also see the temple in which Temple of the Inscriptions houses the tomb of Mayan Ruler Pakal.

Mystery Mayan Temple Archeologists discovered

According to inscription who were used to live in the tomb, they used to say as dead must be submerged in water. When archeologists started to dig the canal system, they all were worried after watching the system which was built many years before. According to engineers who were involved during destruction, they said as they would never see such construction in their lives.

Some of them even claim as they never have seen such variety of work in this world. They were getting amazed after seeing the system of canal underground in Mexico. It was so strong and powerful system as it still had water in it that was running from one direction to another direction. People who were appointed for its destruction, they were all tired of after working some hours.

According to them they never faced such robust and powerful cementing before in the walls. They were regular worker at construction sites but they could not work more than three hours. They work on daily basis and break to walls for 6-7 hours. They never felt any tiredness and did not show any disappointment during the work before.

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