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Mysterious Fish Rain Surprises Public

Mysterious Fish Rain Surprises Public
 معجزہ یا عذاب؟ تھائی لینڈ میں آسمان سے مچھلیوں کی بارش نے دنیا کو ہلا دیا، ویڈیو دیکھیں

New York: There has been a huge buzz on social media platforms regarding a video recording in which a mysterious creature was found that surprised people in New York. Those who have watched this video were quite surprised as they have never seen such creature before in New York.


There are many unknown creatures in different parts of the planet that are yet to explore and people don’t even have a slight idea about their existence and physical shapes. However, witnessing completely unknown creatures in a busy city like New York is quite unimaginable. One cannot perceive such a notion that this type of creatures could be found in such densely populated cities like New York.

Someone started recording this creature the moment when he found it flying in the room. The size of the creature was around a big bird with feathers that are associated with butterflies. However, the most surprising thing was that the body of this creature was quite similar to humans.

The amazing thing about this creature was that it was using its hands to open box and pull up the pillow. It looked like the creature was searching for something on the bed and it tried to look around to find that but failed.

The person who recorded this unimaginable incident tried his best to stay behind the veil and he covered the creature as much as possible. But then the creature sensed something which might be the presence of this man and it flew away through the window bars and disappeared outside the window.

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