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Muslims burn alive from of religious extremism

Muslims burn alive from of religious extremism
شیئر کرو دکھاؤ دنیا کو انڈیا کا بھیانک چہرہ: مسجد میں گھس کر نماز پڑھتے مسلمانوں کو نکالا اورزندہ جلادیا مگر آخر تک وہ کلمہ ہی پڑھتے رہے

People who prefer afterlife are hardly seen getting worried or remaining upset or depressive but people who believe that this is the only life and once a person dies everything dies with him become upset but those who believe in afterlife are found saying that real life is when a person dies, and we die only once.

Non believers say that because there are too many sufferings in this world so there is no God and when a person says that there is no God he makes biggest sin. There are many things in which religious scriptures guide people not perfectly but if a teacher of religious scriptures is good enough not to misguide his follower then religious scriptures make people guide properly.

Believer of the afterlife has to pass through many doubts in the matter of religion like they have to study each and every religion in order to know that which religion is closer to truth or justice. One has to select among the major religions in the world Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity but the only religion acceptable in front of Allah is Islam.

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