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Muslim Teen Make Gol Roti Amazing

Muslim Teen Make Gol Roti Amazing

Roti is a round, flat, unleavened Indian bread. While most Pakistani restaurants serve naan (a leavened flatbread made with a yeast starter and white flour which is typically cooked in a tandoor oven ), roti is typically made with wheat flour and cooked on a hot griddle.


It’s an everyday bread that’s made fresh and eaten with curries, chutneys, and various other Indian dishes. Indeed, roti is often used as a utensil to scoop up other food. It’s a delicious, versatile, and surprisingly easy-to-make bread you can bake at home yourself. This recipe will make 20-30 rotis.

Choose your flour. Traditional roti recipes call for chapati (sometimes spelled “chapatti”) flour, which is also known as durum wheat atta. Some recipes just list “atta” in the ingredients list; they are typically referring to chapati flour (indeed, the terms “roti” and “chapati” are sometimes used interchangeably—they are both unleavened wheat flatbreads).

Atta/chapati flour is a finely ground whole wheat flour.[3]It’s the traditional choice for making roti.
If you can’t find chapati flour or don’t have it on hand, you can substitute whole wheat flour. Because it is a heavier flour, though, you should consider using a mixture of half whole wheat flour and half all-purpose flour to more closely approximate the texture of chapati flour.

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