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Muslim Charm Azan at Church New Zealand

Muslim Charm Azan at Church New Zealand

بریکنگ نیوز: عید کے موقع پر افتخار ٹھاکر نے نیوزی لینڈ کے چرچ میں آذان دے دی؛ عیسائی برادری پریشان

Voice of Azan coming out of biggest church in America has amused American Muslims. It was moment of happiness for Muslims population in country because this lead to friendly ties with people of other religions. The cold behavior of other people has suddenly started to melt with the event of Azan in the American Church.

Muslim Charm Azan at Church New Zealand

It was also an amusement for American Muslims because they had not heard good news since 9/11. The terror act of 9/11 had brought several problems for Muslims all over the world. People in America have always blamed the Muslims for the incident. There was a need that someone should become a medium between Muslims and people of other religions to clear that confusion.

All the Muslims living in America are proved equally loyal to their country as any other American has. Perhaps, some of the American Muslims are known for their ingenious achievements in the world. Achievements of Muslims all over the world can easily quote better than several others. Relation with Muslim countries has also started to become on the right track.

To fight the terror in the world, it was always necessary to bring all people together on one platform. The American Priest has taken a remarkable step and it has given a lot of respect to the American Muslims as Well. On the other hand, respect for America has increased in Muslims as well. All Muslim scholars of the world have appreciated the act of American Priest.

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