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Muslim Cat Came perform Prayers at Australian Mosque

Muslim Cat Came perform Prayers at Australian Mosque
بلی یا کوئی نیک جن جو روزانہ نماز فجر کے وقت مسجد میں آتی ہے؛ ویڈیو دیکھیں

Australian Muslims came to offer prayers become overjoyed with amusement of watching a pet cat in a Mosque. The strange event took place in a town Australia called Lakemba during fajar prayers. The pet cat escaped from her home and was found on the prayer mats with Muslims offering prayers.

Muslim Cat Came perform Prayers at Australian Mosque

The pet animal entered into empty mosque and rested on prayer mats until Muslims reached to offer prayers in the early morning. The news becomes viral on the social media about the praying animal all over Australia in few hours. Several   Muslims were amused with the news until straying pet cat was taken into custody by Australian animal department.

A special religious group has been marinating every mosque all over Australia. The religious group has also the responsibility of bringing all the Australian Muslims to offer prayers regularly. All the business and personal activates all over the Muslim community are strictly seized by the religious group. If anyone found trying to escape from the prayers, he has punished as well by the Muslims according to the teachings of Islam.

A large Number of Australian Muslims in Australia had come for education and earns living. Later several adopted the Australian citizenship and never went back to their home country. Australian government provides best facilities to its citizens which attracts people to live in the country forever. They are free to offer prayers at mosque and practice their religion.

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