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Mushrooms like human fingers invent by scientists

Mushrooms like human fingers invent by scientists
مردہ انسان کی انگلیاں، چین کے جنگل سے ملنے والی یہ خوفناک خبر جس نے دہشت پھیلا دی، ویڈیو دیکھیں

Scientists find some plants having resemblance with man’s fingers. These plants call as Xylaria Polymorpha which also commonly called as “Dead Man’s Fingers”. According to botanists, there are multiple costumes found from these mushrooms. According to them, when these mushroom are young they have their color as pale and bluish but they got whitish tip also when mushrooms are turned to its adolescence.

Mushrooms like human fingers invent by scientists

According to botanists, there are some hunters who hunt those mushrooms when they are turned into young in early spring. However, mushroom also turned to black and by the end of summer all are turned to black color. When they all got the color of black they are dried out as per its procedure.

Talking about the color of lives, there are multiple colors in this world and all are made for human beings. According to one of critics who notice all these things in the world, he clearly speaks as god had made it only for human beings. Talking about scientists, they also remained in this effort to find out some new creed in their sector and they also got successful.

According to one survey, scientists are still unable to explore to whole universe. They are still making efforts to explore as a whole but it seems difficult for them. Their approaches and resources looks like end as they are not going to invent anything new in this world. However, when they again started to notice Quran they again surprised and started to struggle for new one.

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