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Mumbai Girl Slapping Cop at Police Station

Mumbai Girl Slapping Cop at Police Station
انڈیا: نشے میں دھت لڑکی پولیس والوں کی دھلائی کردی؛ دیکھیں
The social media was ablaze with the footage of a drunk woman shouting expletives and slapping a policeman inside a police station. The woman, a 20-year-old called Gauri Bhide and three others were taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol in Worli, Mumbai.

Mumbai Girl Slapping Cop at Police Station

The incident which took place on June 15th has resurfaced after a video of the woman slapping a policeman went viral. Among the four of them, was also a minor who has been sent to a juvenile home in Dongri. The other three have been arrested.

According to reports, a highly inebriated Bhide rammed her blue Vern into a divider before swerving onto a pavement, heading from Worli sea face towards Dr Annie Besant Road. Aside from slapping the police officer at the station, the youths also assaulted other police officers and managed to destroy a lot of police property.

In the two videos that have gone viral, Bhide can be seen slapping and abusing the cops inside the police station while one of the boys accompanying her tries to stop her from going out of control. She is finally brought under control by 4 police officers, but not before she managed to throw and break things around her.

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