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Mufti Qwai Comments Qandeel Baloch Body Media talk

Mufti Qwai Comments Qandeel Baloch Body Media talk

 قندیل بلوچ کی لاش کی سی سی ٹی وی فوٹیج اور مفتی قوی کا بیان بھی سامنے آگیا، ویڈیو دیکھیں

Cinema fans in India created a big mess for famous Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. The film actress was attending the opening show at a local movie theater when she was stuck into problem. However, sunny was reported safely out of mob without any mishap at the theater.

Mufti Qwai Comments Qandeel Baloch Body Media talk

Sunny Leone has often seen getting stuck into similar kinds of situations. Whenever a new movie of the Bollywood actress hits cinemas, she has to go for the opening show. Cinema fans rushes towards theatre where ever the actress goes. To avoid any mishap with fans, a large number of securities personal always escort the actress. She has a special squad of private security guards who surrounds her always.

Similarly every other Bollywood actress goes out into public with a huge number of security guards. It has often seen that the cinema fans in India gets out of control finding any celebrity close to them. Especially, when a female comes in public, things gets very much difficult for security. Such situations are very much problematic for the media celebrities as well.

Every Bollywood actress has a huge number of fans in India. Not only in India but the cinema fans all around the world are always eager to get a glimpse of Indian actresses. Indian film heroines are very much famous all around the world. Their presence at any party doubles the amusement for fans. Fans have always seen reacting in urgency in presence of actresses.

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