Friday , 15 December 2017
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Mother Used Innocent Daughter To Get Money Watch Clip

Mother Used Innocent Daughter To Get Money Watch Clip

Poor and innocent daughter becomes a victim of her mother and brother. The girl was sold to earn many times to the people money. The bad incident of social injustice found in Shangla Hill, a remote town in Punjab. The new was reported by a new channel in the past week on television.

Mother Used Innocent Daughter To Get Money Watch Clip

It was the girl who was taken from the women’s rights organization in protective care. The case was filed against the mother and her son proven after the crime of serious injustice against them. The News reported, hiding the identity of the girl, the old lady and her son were involved in the crime for a very long time.

The mother was forcing her daughter to go with the unknown men. The brother was used to search for buyers for the girl. It was perhaps the worst example of each type of social injustice in society to be. The poor innocent girl remain quiet for a long time, and finally it broke out, when things are not tolerable for them.

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The mother, why it is believed that a guardian and best security for each daughter become enemy himself. All girl thinks the woman giving birth to her against any kind of social injustice Panne with gave her complain. However, the incident in Punjab reported gave a message to girls that they had lost their greatest advocate.

The mother and her son were sent to prison after the charges of the worst social injustice proved against them. Now was the poor girl living in a women’s rights organization at home. Asked the daughter to punish the criminals, so they can be an example for others.

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