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Mother Fed Up With Excessive Use Of Smartphone

Mother Fed Up With Excessive Use Of Smartphone

A mother who was tired of the unreasonable utilization of PDAs taught her little girl a brutal lesson on mother day. Sarah a 50 years of age house wife lived with her girl in Karachi which is the biggest city of Pakistan, was tragic because of her girl’s conduct. Her girl had the propensity for staying occupied with telephone constantly.

Mother Fed Up With Excessive Use Of Smartphone

At last, she chose to show her little girl an intense lesson. She purchased an advanced mobile phone for herself and when the excursions of her girl were over, she chose to put the earphone on and sat on seat. When her girl was getting prepared to go to her school, she profess to be occupied with telephone and turned a hard of hearing ear to her girl.

Her 20 years of age girl Aayesha was continually approaching her mom for help with a specific end goal to get prepared in time. At the same time, the mother was not there to help her girl since she was occupied her telephone. She was grasping a PDA and was occupied with sending instant messages to her companions.

It was an irritating circumstance for young lady and she griped her mom about it also. Yet, the mother was content to pass on the message to her young lady that she can likewise pay her in same coin. She exited the home with outrage and returned at night.

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Same thing happened at night as the young lady requested water from her mom as it was warm day. Again the mother was occupied in utilizing PDA and did not hear what her little girls were stating to her. Really she needed to show them lesson on the over the top utilization of advanced mobile phones.

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