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Mother do Nothing Two childs sink in seawater karachi

Mother do Nothing Two childs sink in seawater at Karachi Sandspit

سمندر کی تیز لہروں کی سامنے شوخی مارنے کا انجام دیکھ لیں، جتنا ہو سکے یہ ویڈیو شیئر کریں

Boys lost their lives when they were bathing in the sea in prohibited area. In last few days, the management of sea in Karachi had announced not to bath in sea water due to some reasons. Even people were also arrested who were bathing at seashore during Eid holidays. Police was also pro active in this matter and management did not allow to any single person to take bath in seawater.

Mother do Nothing Two childs sink in seawater karachi

However, there were some boys were thought themselves very well in swimming and they jumped in the seawater. They started to bath as they knew very well about the restriction from management. They were regular swimmer according to people and were very good in it. On the hand, seawater was also lot more than its daily routine in those days due to which management banned to bath.

There were many other people there including their parents who were forbidding them to bath. Some people were encouraging them as there would nothing happen with them. According to some sources, they have made bet with some people to go to some extent in the seawater. Unfortunately, they never came back when they reached to win the bet with their friends.

According to eye witnesses, waves were too much heavy and large in which all were hidden and only their heads could be seen. Their parents started to weep baldy and loudly and demanded for help. Unfortunately, due to Eid holidays there was no single emergency squad for helping. People who were there, they were unable to help them due to heavy waves in seawater.

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