Monday , 23 October 2017
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Mother Crying Abuse PML-N Govt Publicly

Mother Crying Abuse PML-N Govt Publicly

A mother in Lahore strongly criticised government for worsening law and order in the country. The blast on February 23 in what was supposed to be a residential housing society in Lahore should awaken from deep slumber the authorities concerned and the city government to the dangers involved in unregulated growth.

Who is responsible for the loss of human lives, apart from terrorists, for the lack of diligence in giving permission to the unregulated expansion of commercial areas, far more expansive than required to meet the genuine needs of residents? Can anybody justify granting permission for building petrol pumps surrounded on all sides by residences in DHA?

There should be some sense in determining the legitimate requirement of commercial areas in a residential society to serve residents and not become popular food streets attracting people from all over the city. How can competent authorities justify giving permission to a popular fast food chain within an area declared a community park (Sheeba Park) restricted for exclusive use by DHA Lahore residents?

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