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Mosque paranormal activities in Kasoor

Mosque paranormal activities in Kasoor

یہ ہوش ربا ویڈیو ہمیں قصور سے پیج ممبر نے بھیجی ہے۔۔
قصور کی چھ سو سال پرانی مسجد جہاں جن اذان دینے کی آواز اور نماز پڑھتے دیکھیں

TV report about a famous mosque in a village close to a fault channel. According to many people, they claim that as she felt unusual activities in the mosque.
Mosque paranormal activities in Kasoor

It is defined as the people in Pakistan and is one of the oldest mosques, the mosque about 600 years ago. As it was imported from somewhere Jinnat as it was not built by any person He illustrated. To do so, it was possible for a man who apparently had some unusual options certainly not possible. According to the story, he was a religious leader who commanded all of his fault and he complied with the order.

It is also known as the village people could not dare to pray in the mosque for the long term. Then it was decided to settle the mosque prayers in the mosque. They arranged for a religious who began to offer prayers regularly. However, a problem is still attached to the mosque after prayers in the mosque.

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