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Moscow Woman nanny Arrested Carrying Kid’s Head

Moscow Woman nanny Arrested Carrying Kid’s Head  

براہ کرم زیادہ سے زیادہ اس پیغام کو ضرور شئیر کریں
With the news that a female has killed a kid in Moscow, everyone in Toronto, London, Dubai, Istanbul, Paris, and News York is in big shock. Investigators have suspected that this woman was the nanny of the child. She was spotted and arrested the time when she was wandering through the city’s streets.

Moscow Woman nanny Arrested Carrying Kid’s Head

Russian investigation reports reveal that the 4-year old child’s parents hired a lady who could take care of their kid. In accordance to preliminary information, the nanny is the citizen of a Central Asian state. She murdered the little baby in their own apartment, when the kid’s parents were not at home.

Officials of Russia believe that this lady has some mental problem which is why she does not even regret of what she has actually done! She has told in a brief interview that she waited for the parents and elder kid to leave the flat before committing the crime.

The reasons of why she did so have been unknown so far. Killing the child was not enough for her as the ill-minded lady cut his head and brought it to the streets. There she shouted and caught the attention of people, walking on the road. At first glimpse, individuals thought that she was just making fun to pass her spare time. Later on, they realized that she had actually hold a head and eventually one of them called police. Passerby reportedly heard the woman yelling some religious words.

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