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Morning Live Show Ahsan Khan Faces Embarrassment

Ahsan Khan Famous Pakistani Actor Faces Embarrassment in Morning Live Show

Ahsan Khan, famous Pakistani drama actor and television presenter, was invited to a morning show on Hum TV and be the most embarrassing moment of his life there, he shared. The host of the morning show Sanam Jung asked the actor what what women have done with him with him during Ramadan and transmission.

Ahsan Khan Famous Pakistani Actor Faces Embarrassment in Morning Live Show

Ahsan Khan actor hosted a live broadcast on Hum TV Ramadan, when few women embarrass him in front of millions of people. He handed out gifts of different brands and for that he went for Women housing. He was not aware of the excitement of the women and when he reached it, the women who dress him for the gifts began.

The actor-cum-host was confused about the development of the situation and he had no idea how to deal with the situation. Each woman was asking for gifts, and there were very few gifts to distribute. Once the women pulled Khan shalwar created problems for him. The manufacturer realizes the development scenario and walked bring air.

The naughty women created embarrassing situation for host and it was the worst moment for him. The manufacturer read the situation quickly and he made the right decision to go air-saving Ahsan Khan for further embarrassment. During the break, the host asked women behave well otherwise it would be very difficult to continue the transfer.

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Once Ahsan Khan completed his interesting story, the host of the morning show really enjoyed it and made fun of him, but he does not mind. The actor said that as a host, you need to ignore such behavior and not hard on the audience.

Ahsan Khan began his career in 1998 with a super-hit Pakistani film Nikkah but after few films he decided to move into television. His career is thriving in drama industry and his acting is greatly appreciated.


  1. It’s extremely sad that no regulatorty body is taking care of insane and cheap morning shows of nida yasir,sanum, javeria saud,shaista lodhi etc these silly and stupid ladies have no sense of how to run show with manners for heaven’s sake either give them some valid decent script or just get rid of them it’s so embarrassing that they are sitting on nationwide networks .

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