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Model Ayyan scandal Asif Ali Zardari 28 More Girls

Model Ayyan scandal Asif Ali Zardari 28 More Girls
Model Ayyan scandal Asif Ali Zardari 28 More Girls

Dollar girl and supermodel Ayyan Ali exposed ex-president and revealed that she was involved in love with him for several years. Model Ayyan was a prominent personality of fashion industry and had just started her singing career when she was taken into the custody on airport.

Ayyan Ali was travelling to Dubai on Emirates Airline when she was detained by Airport Security Force on carrying over 500,000 dollars in her bag. The dollar girl did not inform the custom authority about the amount and during inspection found guilty of violating international laws by carrying such excessive amount during travelling.

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According to international laws, a person travelling abroad cannot take more than 10,000 dollars and he or she has to inform the custom officials regarding the amount. Model Ayyan was going to Dubai and she was board in the plane when Airport Security Force detained her and recovered over 500,000 dollars from her.

A money laundering case was filed against dollar girl and sent to Adiala Jail on judicial remand by the local magistrate. During inquiry she revealed the names of culprits involved in money laundering and surprisingly she was committing this sin for several years. Renowned politicians including senators and ex-president were backing her.

During one year dollar girl travelled to Dubai for forty five times carrying black money of corrupt politicians. She was unlucky this time as Airport Security caught her red handed and recovered more than five million dollars from her. She named the original owners of this amount and brought so many rumors in the country.


Dollar girl Ayyan Ali, who has been detained in Adiala Jail now-a-days, showed her love for former President on many occasions. The rumors regarding ex-president of the country and supermodel’s love are circulating in the country these days as dollar girl was captured on the airport in money laundering charges.

Dollar girl was travelling to Dubai in Emirates Airline while carrying over 500,000 dollars, a sever violation of international laws, and detained by the Airport Security Force. On intelligence reports, the Airport Security Force stopped the model Ayyan Ali and checked her bags which she was carrying.

Over five million dollars were recovered from her bags that were too much excessive according to international laws. The custom officers immediately arrested the dollar girl and took the amount into their custody. A case was filed against the model and was sent to Adiala Jail on judicial remand.

During inquiry Ayyan Ali revealed that dollars which she carried were the property of ex-senator’s brother. She also exposed few more prominent politicians including ex-president of the country along with his brother. It is interesting that no politician has yet denied his relation with model.

Rumors are circulating in the country that Ayyan Ali is involved in an affair with ex-president and she was working for him in transferring dollars to Dubai. She was unlucky to be captured on the airport and proven to be guilty in money laundering. The supermodel accepted the charges against her and exposed the culprits involved in this case.

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