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Miracle of Medical Science Scientists still amaze

Miracle of Medical Science Scientists still amaze Video

اللہ کا معجزہ دیکھیں! بچے کا دل نکالنے کے بعد بھی کیسے دھڑک رہا، ویڈیو دیکھیں

Undoubtedly, scientists has gone too far in their field of science and they have conquered many secretes which are told in the holy book of Quran. They are still in this effort to know more about secretes which are discussed in the Holy book Quran. However, they seem reluctant and amazed at every step when they go to do something new.

Miracle of Medical Science
Miracle of Medical Science

Although they are discovering all those secrets which are generated by God but they got amazed after seeing the unique formation of God. They are still far off to have idea about the God especially to those who are non-Muslims. They definitely do not believe in Allah but sometimes they look helpless without the help of Allah.

Once they all got astonished when they firstly made heart surgery and opened the heart. They were amazed to see the structure of the heart and its blood capillaries which was impossible for human. Off course, they have now able to make heart surgery but they are still bound to those boundaries which are drawn by Allah during heart surgery.

They even have managed and progressed to this level as they can pick out the heart from human body. They can unblock veins of the heart by using latest technology but still seem shocked when they made it. According to medical heart specialists they are still unable to understand the whole structure of the heart. They even do not know the full function of heart in human body.

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