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Message From Muhammad S.A.W to the army Chief

Message From Muhammad S.A.W to the army Chief

محمد قاسم نامی شخص کے خواب میں حضرت محمد ﷺ آئے اور پاکستان اور جنرل راحیل کے حوالے سے کیا کہہ دیا جس پر بھارت میں خوف کی لہر دور اٹھی

Man sees the dream about Pakistan Army Chief and also shares it with the whole world. This time, the news is spreading like fire in the forest and the whole social media is talking about that dream. According to him, he was sleeping when he saw a dream in which he was shocked after talking with Allah.


He further added as he was sleeping when he was asked to be awakening and he saw very big building when he awoke. He said he was amazed to see this building and then he started to up on the roof of that building. He saw a very big aircraft on the roof.

It is really very strange dream in which one man is claiming to have talks with Allah and Prophet (PBUH). According to him, Allah and Prophet (PBUH) asked him to help of Army Chief of Pakistan as Pakistan is the only castle of Islam.

He further said Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also helped the army of Pakistan by using him (Qasim). He said he used one helicopter in his dream and destroyed all those enemies who were not coming in control by Pakistan Army.

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