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Mental disordered Old Baba Play with Train

Mental Old Baba Play with Running Route Train
کیا یہ بابا جان بوجھ کر خود کشی کرنا چاہتا تھا؟ ویڈیودیکھیں

Mental Health of this old man seemed suspicious when he stood still on a train track and stayed until the train arrived. It made people think twice about his mental health. The mental health of any person plays a pivotal role in keeping him normal and this man showed that his mental health is not that strong.


There is another point which is different from the mental health is that this person wanted to grab attention of other people by doing this stunt. However, stunt that could take your life away is something foolish and a person with weak mental health can do such thing.

A strong mental health ensures the proper working of human body and it helps a person to perform well mentally and physically. However, there are some people like this old man who do weird things because of their weak mental health.

To know how to judge the mental health of a person is quite easy as you can observer whether he is performing his daily mental and physical tasks in an appropriate manner or not. Mental health and physical health go hand by hand because it makes a human being perfectly fit.

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