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Meher Bukhari go baba bashed Nawaz Sharif

Meher Bukhari go baba bashed Nawaz Sharif 
یہ ووہی لوگ ہیں جو ٢ بار تخت الٹنے اور جلاوطنی کے بعد بھی نہیں سدھرتے،مہر عباسی نے آج کی گھٹیا حرکت پر نواز حکومت پر تنقید اور گو بابا گو کا نعرا لگا دیا
how Mehar Bukhari bashed and criticized PM Nawaz Shareef in her live show. The PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif is the Prime Minister opt for of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He has been elected to the place of business for a third time having secured 244 votes out of overall space membership of 342. Mehar Bukhari, the arguable hostess of Dunya TV data channel, is amongst those faces made their debut in the digital media in the past one decade and gradually attained recognition as an outspoken and an influential anchorperson throughout the nationwide political scenario.


Without any earlier revel in of journalism, Bukhari used to be turn into the part of launching staff of Samaa TV in 2007 and manipulated public opinion at the social and political problems with the country via her keep in touch shows. She become anchorperson of the program “Nai Rahei”, which highlighted the issues of the women in city and rural spaces initially. Later on the centered of software was shifted on issues of Pakistan’s society and its problems.

Mehar were given right here within the limelight whilst a faux photos in her application through which Tribal spaces Taliban lashed out a tender lady publicly at the pretext of illicit courting with a man. This system won popularity with obvious prime rating and become best matter of every TV channel and newspaper.

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