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Meera Stolen the Stuff of Actress Noor Watch Clip

Meera Stolen the Stuff of Actress Noor Watch Clip

Meera, also known as Mira Bai,was a 16th century Hindu mystic poetess sant and devotee of Krishna. She is celebrated as a Sant (“truth-exemplar” or “saint”) of Bhakti movement, particularly the Krishna-focussed Vaishnavism denomination of Hinduism, in northern and western India.

Meera Stolen the Stuff of Actress Noor Watch Clip

Meera was born in a royal family of Rajasthan, and her education included music, religion, politics and government.She married Bhojraj the crown prince of Mewar in 1516, her husband was wounded in 1518 and died in 1521 after a Hindu-Muslim battle, her own father died in a war with Babur’s army in 1527, and little else is known about her life with any certainty.She is mentioned in Bhaktamal, confirming that she was widely known and a cherished figure in the Indian bhakti movement culture by about 1600 CE.

Most legends about Meera mention her fearless disregard for social and family conventions, her devotion to god Krishna, her treating Krishna as her lover and husband, and she being persecuted by her in-laws for her religious devotion. She has been the subject of numerous folk tales and biographic legends, which are inconsistent or widely different in details.

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Noor married her first husband while in Dubai in early 2008. In April of that year, she moved back to Lahore and filed for divorce shortly afterwards. A famous fight between her ex-husband and Nadia Khan was aired on Geo TV.

Noor married director/producer Farooq Mengal in June 2010. The couple separated four months later. Noor’s father, Sheeraz Bukhari, accused Mengal of inflicting harm on his daughter. Noor demanded a divorce.

She had re-married and is the stepmother to her husband’s two sons from a previous marriage, this was her third marriage but divorced from her third husband also. She has a daughter from her third husband. Now she is planning for fourth marriage.

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