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Media youngsters lose values and moralities

Media youngsters lose values and moralities

کالج سے بھاگے جوڑے کو سیرگاہ میں لوگوں نے رنگے ہاتھوں پکڑ کر دیکھیں کیا حالت کی… نوجوان ضرور دیکھیں

Teach a child with all the right values and ways and when he grows up, he will never depart from the teachings you have told him in the childhood. We see our youngsters indulged in many activities and mostly those activities which are all against our values.

Media youngsters lose values and moralities

Media today has become a big platform however it has lowered all its laws of to broadcast. Today anyone can see any explicit content on the social media only with a single click and thousands of such adultery sites are there for the viewer. Even on the televisions, such programs are aired which has some spice of glam in it which has greatly affected the minds of our youth.

Such adultery immoralities have become the order of the day. Girls no longer cherish chaste and the dignity of womanhood is long gone. Men have lost control over their emotions. It is obvious that the youths today do not see pre-marital intercourses as an immoral act. The books our youths read, the films they watch, pictures they view both on the TV and internet as well as peer group pressure led them to experiment physical intercourses early in their life.

This is due to the reason that parent doesn’t keep proper check what their children are watching. They  are so busy in their own life that they don’t have any time for their children. On the other hand, the censorship of broadcasting media has declined to a level where anything can be aired on television and social media. Governments should give strict instruction to the media to not to air such programs.

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