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McDonald’s Karachi Food Scandal Hits Sales couples

McDonald’s Karachi Food Scandal Hits Sales couples

McDonalds, for many years, a first-class fast-food chain from Dubai, New York, Istanbul, London and Toronto. The food provides companies recently revealed that its profit and revenue, because the reason rejected, that people have stopped buying hamburger. According to the official sales fell worldwide by around three percent and in America the situation was much more serious.

McDonald’s Karachi Food Scandal Hits Sales couples

In the United States and China, McDonald’s Corp. is engaged in the fighting to hold onto customers who believe have begun to be sold cheap quality food. The CEO of the fast-food chain has clear in an interview that not the quality of the edibles is impaired. To improve performance, McDonalds said it planned to focus on a simplified menu. It is also likely to renew the Marketing for having regard to the quality of food. For the customer, the prices are never a problem. What they want is that food is served to them is health-friendly and absolutely hygienic.

So many controversies found in China, when people started to say that McDonalds makes his hamburger from pork. An undercover Chinese TV report that the company’s major suppliers expired meat repackage shown. Once this news went viral, many McDonalds restaurants across the country saw extreme drop in sales. A full-stop was put by consumers on purchases of burgers, chicken nuggets and other items. The reputation of the chain took a hit because of all this.

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McDonalds Holdings Co. (Japan) said sorry for the contamination of several edibles on its food items. But that is not the end, the company needs to take very serious action against the companies that are involved in the supply of expired meat, and pork. The concerns of the people of Dubai, London, New York, Toronto and Istanbul, are absolutely correct, so McDonald’s has to work harder to maintain its reputation.

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