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Masjid Shamful Act Maulvi Caught Red Handed

Masjid Shamful Act Maulvi Caught Red Handed

مولوی کی مسجد میں اس حرکت پر اسے سڑک پر سرعام جوتے مارنے چاہیئے،استغفراللہ

The vast majority of us men know great that terrible snippet of affection bashfulness when we’re steeling ourselves to “spring the inquiry” on some young lady at work or school and ask her out on the town!

Masjid Shamful Act Maulvi Caught Red Handed

Our heart races and our throat fixes as the minute where we are going to test our affection modesty approaches – and we start urgently attempting to talk ourselves out of it: “she won’t say yes, it’s unthinkable… she has a sweetheart… she has exams coming up, she’s much excessively occupied, she’s out of my league…”. Kind of silly I assume, yet irritating in any case.

This on edge response in folks confronting this kind of circumstance is more normal than you may envision. Lamentably, that doesn’t make it any simpler to survive for a few of us. All things considered, you are setting yourself up to stand mentally “stripped” before some young lady and uncover your (conceivably disgrace bound) love modesty to her. So some level of trepidation must be ordinary, you would think, isn’t that so? In any case, THIS extraordinary? So frightening that I can’t talk or even MOVE?!

So the genuine inquiry is it accurate to say that this is: how would you recognize the basic and very sound trepidation of being rejected by a lady, and the more intricate issue of endless adoration bashfulness?

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